It’s a well-known fact that a Jerusalem Artichokes is not really an artichoke and has nothing to do with Jerusalem. It’s not however, a well know fact just how delicious they are. Or how amazing they taste in a tart mixed with chard. So, to prove it we’ve shared one of our favourite recipes with you. We love making these tarts for our clients in the spring and this recipe will make 15-20 mini ones, which are great as part of a buffet lunch. Alternatively, use a large fluted quiche tin to make one large tart.


500g Jerusalem artichokes, peeled

Olive Oil


Salt and freshly ground black pepper

200g sautéd Swiss chard, chopped

1 clove of garlic, finely chopped

Knob of butter

Shortcrust pastry – click here to make your own. If time won’t allow though shop bought will work just as well.

1 egg, beaten and to be used as an egg wash for the pastry

3 egg yolks

1 whole egg

Half a pint of double cream

Parmesan (optional)


Set the oven to 180°.

Peel the Jerusalem artichokes, drizzle with oil and scatter with salt, pepper, and thyme. Wrap each one individually in foil and pierce the top of the foil to allow the steam to escape. Roast in the oven for 20 minutes. Remove and allow to cool.

While the Jerusalem artichokes are roasting wash and slice the chard. Sauté the cut up chard along with the knob of butter and finely chopped garlic for 2-4 minutes.

Chill the mixture once cooked.

Roll out your shortcrust pastry to half a centimeter thick. Line your tart case(s) and prick the base.

Turn the oven up to 200°. Cover the pastry with foil and baking beans and bake blind for 20 minutes. When the pastry is golden brown take it out the oven and remove the foil and baking beans. Return it to the oven for to cook for a further 3-5 minutes uncovered.

Once even in colour remove from the heat, brush with the egg wash and bake for a further 2 minutes. Remove from the heat and chill.

Reduce the oven temperate to 175°.

Leave to chill for 5 minutes, meanwhile, mix your roasted Jerusalem artichokes with the chard mix. Cut up any larger artichokes into bite size pieces.

Fill the pastry case(s) with the combined Jerusalem artichoke/chard mix.

Mix the double cream, egg yolks and egg. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Pour on top of the Jerusalem artichoke/chard mix.

If using, grate the parmesan on top.

Bake at 175° for 30 minutes, or until set and cooked.