Spring has a distinct feeling of new beginnings about it, it may bring showers but it also brings new growth and a sense of light relief that, at last, winter may have left us and the sun is finally on its way. Now is the time to start embracing lighter evenings, fill your home with cheery daffodils, eat fresh eggs and, one of our favourites, forage for wild garlic to make wild garlic and walnut pesto.

While our kitchen is based in Battersea many of our team live in the home counties and much of our time has been spent walking in the countryside and rummaging hedgerows for wild garlic. We’ve been sharing recipes in the kitchen and this wild garlic and walnut pesto recipe was found on a wonderful blog, Growing Nicely, written by garden designer Jill Anderson. And it’s become a firm favourite!

Wild garlic is most commonly found in damp, shady woodland areas and if you’re lucky enough to find some we highly recommend making this pesto and enjoying it atop a big bowl of whole grain pasta.

Wild garlic and Walnut Pesto

Serves 4

50g shelled walnuts, you can use pine nuts, I use walnuts because they’re cheaper and they have a good, robust flavour
100g of well-washed garlic leaves & stems, roughly chopped
35g parmesan cheese, or any hard cheese that doesn’t melt easily
grated zest of half a lemon and a generous squeeze of juice
100ml of olive oil
A little salt & freshly ground black pepper.

Put the nuts, wild garlic, cheese and lemon zest into a food processor and blitz, then gradually add the olive oil – you may not need all of it or a little more- with the motor running slowly until it becomes a soft puree.

You can find the original recipe and lots of more inspiration on the Growing Nicely Blog.

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